Quick Notes on Windows


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Simple and fast notes on Windows

Sync online with
    Support proxy (require HTTPS protocol)
Access notes on iPhone and iPad through Simplenote app
Portable version suitable for flash drive

    (no modification on host computer)

Support Note as List Items
    Simplenote premium required for viewing in Simplenote App
Global hot-key for creating new note

Global hot-key to restore window when minimized

Support “Markdown” (text-to-HTML conversion) with preview

Recognize HTTP and email address in note for redirect
Support “internal link” with [ and ] (wikilink)

Optional plain text file (.txt) per note as database

    ResophNotes will automatically generate .txt files in the first sync

Complete keyboard control

Single Note Mode (F11)

Simplenote Pinned and Tag support

Restore deleted note(s), permanently delete note(s)

Totally FREE
(Donations are welcome to help future development)


Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows 7

Connection with Simplenote requires HTTPS protocol

Desktop 64-bit Ver. 1.7.0

Updated July 11, 2018

Portable 64-bit Ver. 1.7.0

Updated July 11, 2018

Desktop 32-bit Ver. 1.7.0

Updated July 11, 2018

Portable 32-bit Ver. 1.7.0

Updated July 11, 2018

Quick Shortcuts

Ctrl Left

Ctrl S

Ctrl N

Ctrl D

Ctrl O

Alt L

Ctrl F, Ctrl L

Ctrl Up

Ctrl Down

Ctrl Q

Ctrl Shift S

Ctrl T

Ctrl Shift T


F3 / Shift-F3

Email Me

Go to previous note

Sync Notes with Simplenote

New Note

Delete Note


Note as List Items (+ - Shift-Up Shift-Dn)

Search (Up/Down key)

Previous Note

Next Note

Exit App

Toggle sorting method

Select Tag Dialog

Edit Tag Dialog

Single Note Mode

Search Next/Previous Matched Word

Shift Tab

Ctrl Tab

Ctrl I

Ctrl E

Ctrl P

Alt P

Ctrl M




Ctrl Y

Ctrl Shift Y

Ctrl Shift U


Jump between fields

Import .txt file(s)

Email Note

Print Note

Pin Note


Go to Note

Go back to List

Open Help Page

Select Tag for Note

Edit Tag for Note

Insert current timestamp

Some of those wonderful icons in ResophNotes and this web site are from and FatCow.

Simpltenote might stop supporting
  3rd party application sync soon!
Please use with caution!

Ver.1.7.0 connects to new Simplenote server
   Fix sync and connection problems since July 11, 2018

Please exit ResophNotes before upgrade
You don't need to delete ResophNotes data
  file (.xml) before upgrade